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Rodéo™ belts sources genuine Austrian Swarovski™ crystals and Czech Rhinestones and takes pride in the workmanship and attention to detail of its hand crafted leather belts.

Swarovski Stones
In 1892 Daniel Swarovski developed a machine which made it possible to cut crystal to perfection and so invented ‘swarovski’ stones. In 1933 Swarovski began to produce its own crystal in a plant at Wattens, Austria. The Swarovski crystals were flawless, and these brilliantly cut crystal stones are used today by jewellery manufacturers throughout the world

The Rhine in ‘rhinestones’ comes from the Rhine River, where the rock crystals were originally gathered, and the ‘Rhinestone’ is a translation into English of the French phrase ‘Caillou du Rhin’.
The idea of coating the lower side of the glass with metal powder enabled stones to imitate diamonds and a further development of applying the ‘Aurora Borealis’ a coating applied to crystal stones to produce a rainbow of colours is another effect that gives Rhinestones their glittering appearance.


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